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Thread: Gage Talk

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    my dad said it was 7 degrees in Minnesota yesterday and -11 with windchill...
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    Holy cow!!!!!!!!!
    And its Farenheit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAGE View Post
    Whats it like there Wiltz?

    We are getting to like 40 today but, we had freezing rain, sleet and then just rain. We are supposed to get snow later tonight. Yuck!
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    Hey guys!

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    you can find the results at

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    How big was the biggest fish you ever caught?

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    Bass-5 lbs
    Walleye-6 or 7 lbs.
    Trout couple pounds
    Carp 10 lbs
    Pike 10lbs

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    a 5lb bass is impressive.....nice work!

    That's a solid Walleye too

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