Courtesy Intermat
1 Lou Ruggirello So. Hofstra
2 Coleman Scott Sr. Oklahoma State
3 Mack Reiter Sr. Minnesota
4 Jimmy Kennedy So. Illinois

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Oh, Mack's GOING to be doubt about it...but if I had to place a bet on their next match, me and 99% of the posters will put money down on Ruggs based on what we saw.

It is so early dude, what do you care about rankings until we start going into real seeding tournaments? Even then, if your boys are #1 or #3 and you think they deserve #1, if won't matter where they are seeded anyway.

Have a good night Champ.
And yet again...
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Neither of them are my boys, just stating that Perry won't drop below #2. Ruggerello will be #1, watch and see!