Courtesy of Intermat.....

1 Eric Tannenbaum Sr. Michigan
2 Mark Perry Sr. Iowa
3 Pat Pitsch Sr. Arizona State
4 Matt Coughlin So. Indiana

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If Perry goes no less than second its a travesty. No one else in the top ten has been majored by an unranked wrestler. I say Top Five, I have no issue with three.

Metcalf was sixth? so I would agree that he goes to eight to ten. Remember that he was KILLING everyone up until then although he hadn't faced anyone of substance til then. Does anyone doubt that if Metcalf would have gotten down 5-0 and not been pinned he would have come back in that match? I feel strongly he would have. He has the tank and the offense to make that happen.

That was brilliant that Caldwell finished him off as he would have had a bull by the horns for the next five minutes had he not.
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Metcalf falls to 10'ish, Perry to 3, or 4.
and more importantly....

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Neither of them are my boys, just stating that Perry won't drop below #2. Ruggerello will be #1, watch and see!