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Discuss Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I know it's early in the year and I'm not even sure who will get ...
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    Default Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    I know it's early in the year and I'm not even sure who will get the nod at some weights? Does anyone have projected lineups for this dual so we can make predictions? I think ISU has done some bumping up of lower weights - Fanthorpe? Gallick? I hope both teams are healthy and ready to rumble. My best guess for Minny and someone will surely have a better handle on this than I - is
    133-Reiter (Mellmer if Reiter is dinged)
    165-T Saf(or Glasser or ???)
    174-Dretsch(or Sitch, is Dretsch dinged?)
    197-Bronson(or Malamura or???)
    HWT-Nord or Berhow or ???

    I think ISU has
    174-Scott or ???

    Gong with these match ups I would have to say
    125- MN by Dec. possible bonus
    133- Close but MN by Dec.
    141- Close but MN by Dec.
    149- MN by Dec. possible bonus points
    157- Close but MN by Dec. (it's at MN)
    165- ISU by Dec. possible bonus
    174- Dretsch should win this but I go with an upset and ISU by Dec.
    184- Another Great Bout but recent history favors ISU by Dec.
    197- ISU by Dec. possible bonus
    HWT- ISU by Dec. possible bonus.

    If this starts at 125 I can see the gophers winning all the matches before the break and losing all the matches after.I see this as a real great matchup. ISU's upper weight strength vs. gopher lower weight strength. I see more potential for upsets from ISU and I think MN needs to win 174 to win this dual. I thinkk ISU has more potential for Bonus points.Minny needs 33,41 and57. I think that is a tall order. IF Kish picks off Varner the gophs should win also. This just appears to be a dual with a lot of close matches. I'm glad it's at MN. Is this in Williams arena or the Pavillion?
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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    125 - Ness by dec Min - 3 - 0
    133 - Reiter by dec Min 6-0
    141 - Rivera by dec 9-0
    149 - Schlatter by dec 12 - 0
    157 - Sanderson by dec 12 - 3
    165 - Reader by Maj 12-7
    174 - Min (desch or sitch) by tech fall 17 - 7 Min
    184- Varner by dec 17-10 MN
    197 - Bertalino by dec 17-13 ISU
    Hvy - Zabriske by maj 17 - 17 Tied Match

    So In my opinion the meet will be won or lost with two key bouts - Rivera v Gallick and Sanderson v. CP.

    Should be a good one. Hope I can convince the wife to have us make the 5 hour drive.

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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    125-Ness 3 - 0 MN
    133-Fanthorpe over Mellmer 3 - 3 EVEN
    141-Gallick 3 - 6 ISU
    149-Schlatterbug II (no way he gets bonus points 4 - 1) 6 - 6 even
    157-Schlatterbug I (chokes but pulls a TD in the final 20 secs) 9 - 6 MN
    165-Reader by MD (almost a major) 9-10 even
    174-MN whomever 12 - 10 MN
    184-Kish (but on an esc in the final 20 secs) 15-10 MN
    197-Bertalino 15-13 MN
    HWT-Zabriskie (almost but misses the fall) 15-16 ISU

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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    You all are crazy if you think Reader is going to major Glasser.
    If Minny, for whatever crazy reason throws Saf in, I'll take Reader with a major.
    Glasser and Reader will be a battle!

    *The keys for ISU to pull an upset will be.... ISU heavy will need to match or better the bonus points Ness earns @25. ISU needs to win at least two @33,41,57 and 65. Try to keep DS to only a major, Dretsch a decision. Take care of business at 84 and 97. You just never know, it could be a very exciting dual or it could be a major blow-out by the Gofers.
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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    125: Ness maj Kist 4-0 Minnesota (Could be a fall here, I'm sure J will send Ness out looking for it)

    133: Reiter dec Fanthorpe 7-0 Minnesota (First of several very, very crucial bouts. Mack hasn't looked exceptional thus far, but he's usually a slow starter anyway. A win for Fanthorpe here is a possibility, but I think Reiter gets him)

    141: Rivera dec Gallick 10-0 (Manny has started off looking good, hasn't been quite putting bonus points on guys as much as he did last year, but he's sticking with the strategy that won him a lot of matches last year. Gallick has been pinned several times this year, and Manny has proven he can put guys to their backs, Gallick desperately needs to stay off his back)

    149: Schlatter dec Mueller 13-0 Minnesota (So far this season Dustin has had a close match with a great wrestler (Churella) and blown out 3 guys that he was far superior to. Mueller is somewhere in between these two spectrum's I think Dustin wins this pretty handily, with the possibility of a major)

    157: Schlatter dec Sanderson 16-0 Minnesota (CP has looked very good thus far, but this will be his first real test. If he wrestles his match, and controls the ties I'm sorry, but I just don't think theres any way Cyler can beat him)

    165: Reader dec Glasser 16-3 Minnesota (Nice little battle between two redshirt freshmen. Both have looked good early on, Reader has looked a little better, so I give this one to him)

    174: Dretsch maj Artist 20-3 Minnesota (Be real nice to see bonus points from Gabe here. Really hope to see him get back to working double unders on guys. His length, coupled with his strength gives him a huge advantage on a lot of guys. For some reason he seems hesitant to use it)

    184: Varner dec Kish 20-6 Minnesota (Hope I'm wrong here, Kish needs to show he can deal with Varner shutting down and either waiting for him to screw up, or just beating him on the mat)

    197: Bertolino maj whoever 20-10 Minnesota (Berto has put some big points on the board early on, not a real strong weight for Minnesota)

    285: Zabriskie maj Berhow 20-14 Minnesota (Guessing after Nord's rough go this past weekend Berhow might get the nod. Z is a tough, and very active heavy, but he is kind of small.)

    133-165 are going to be really key in deciding this dual, both in toss up aspects, and possible bonus points. Should be a fun one

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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    125-Ness by decision 3-0
    133-I'm going out on a limb and giving it to Fanthorpe 3-3
    141 Rivera by dec 6-3
    149 Schlatter by major 10 -3
    157 Sanderson by dec 10 - 6
    165 Reader by dec 10-9
    174 Dretsch if he's in 13-9
    184 Varner by dec 13-12
    197 Bertolino by dec 13-15
    275 Zabriskie by dec 13-18, Iowa State wins

    Obviously, everything will have to go right for ISU for this to happen, and Minny not wrestling with a full line-up could help things out.

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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    ISU actually has a pretty good shot at this if they can pull off an upset.

    125 Ness FAll Kist
    Ness will stack kist I'll sig bet on that, ness might not be the slickest quickest guy on the planet but he's a machine on top and is a class and a half above what ISU has right now.

    133: Reiter dec fanthrope
    this is the most likely upset imo as reiter has looked sluggish lately, I could see farnthrope using his superior speed to score some go behinds and take this, but I'll still go with reiter.

    141: Rivera dec gallick
    Both of these guys have a lot to prove this year but looking at gallicks record last year compared to riveras I think you need to give rivera the definite advantage, especially when you take his injury into consideration. Some might argue that gallick has more upside but rivera was arguablly the most improved wrestler in the country up until big tens last year and I think he'll put gallick away 5-3 6-4 somewhere along those lines.

    149: Schlatter dec Mueller
    Schlatter should cruise to an easy win here, if he can get some tilts going we might see a major although mueller is solid

    157: Cp dec sanderson
    In my mind this is the marquee match of the duel as its one we havent seen before and a lot of people are giving cyler a chance to beat cp. I dont see it happening, cyler was beaten soundly by dustin twice and cp is much bigger and stronger, and he's been looking great so far. This will be a good match but schlatter will come out on top

    165: Reader dec glasser
    As big of a minny fan as I am and as much as I want to see glasser come out on top reader has proven a lot more this year and I think you have to consider him the favorite at this point

    174: Dretsch MD scott/artist
    I personally have never seen either of these two wrestle nor heard of them before but every ISU fan I have heard from says they are just god aweful. Dretsch isnt great on his feet but I think if it hits the mat he'll pick up some bonus.

    184 Kish Dec Varner
    This might be the homer in me but after watching their last two matchs I really think kish can pull this off, he looked tenative and not very agressive in the all star and Im hoping he gets past that. All kish needs is 1 takedown and a mistake free match as varner does not have very significant offense from the feet, if varner can shut kish down like he did at the all star then kish will be in trouble as he has proven he probably wont be able to get away from bottom and its doubtful he can ride varner for a whole period. If kish drops this i'll officially eat crow and admit that varner has figured him out, but I think he can do it.

    197: It depends on who we throw out, I think bronson can keep it to a decision but Yura or eidy will likely get stuck here

    285: Hopefully berhow/nord wrestle smart here and while I dont think they win they are more then capable of keeping this to a decision

    Final score MN 25 ISU 9

    However I acknowledge that ISUs chance of scoring over 9 points is a lot greater then MNs chance of scoring an upset at heavy or 197, so I will give a match to ISU to make the final score


    I will also assume that ONE of our upper weights does something stupid and gets stuck


    I think thats pretty close to what will actually end up happening
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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    Are OK State's backup 149, and starting 157 going to transfer into ISU specifically for the Gopher match? Did I miss something?

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    Default Re: Official Iowa St / Minnesota Prediction thread

    Funny stuff^^^^

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