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    Well I signed up to do a blog on for the gophers and their blog section has pretty much died out so I thought I'd get a plug in here in case any of you were interested in reading it. I dont pretend to have any more insight then the next guy but I'm a huge fan of the sport especially the gophers and I've always wanted to try blogging so I asked the guy who runs the site if they needed a minnesota blogger (they didnt have any) and he said they'd love to have one.

    There isnt much there yet because I've only watched a handful of the quad matches but once I get through them all I'll post some analysis.

    You can get to the blog page by clicking on the "fan blogs" link on the right side and then scrolling to minnesota and clicking on me, or clicking on the "blog all" button which will show the most recent posts (mine)
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