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Thread: 2007 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Picks Pool/Results Thread

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    Default 2007 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Picks Pool/Results Thread

    (Some relief for those of you that may be a little weary with all the "GopherTalk")

    Like the All Star picks pool, you make your picks, winner again will get like 50 rep points.

    We're going to do this one in the same format that Rev, and maybe some others run post season picks pools. You're going to pick 10 champions, and you're going to number them from 10-1.

    The guy you list at #10 is going to be the guy you're most sure is going to win a title there, #1 is going to be the guy you're least sure of.

    If a guy you pick wins the tournament you'll get the amount of points that you've listed him next to, meaning if your #10 guy wins, you get ten points, and so forth.

    I really doubt this will wind up having to go to a tiebreaker, but just in case, the tiebreaker is going to be the same one that we used for the All Star match, total points scored by the 10 champions in the finals.

    List of teams can be found here. You may have to navigate a little bit, but it shouldn't be too difficult

    You can make your picks now, or you can wait a little longer to see when we get more detailed info on who is going to be there.

    Edit: Skimming the teams who are coming list, 157 is going to be ungodly. The top three ranked guys in the country are all coming.
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