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Thread: Norther Quad Thoughts

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    Default Norther Quad Thoughts

    If anybody wants match by match break downs let me know but I have some general observations from yesterday's action.

    1) CP Schlatter showed more offense today than I think I've seen in the last four years. he was very solid and extremely dominant on his feet as well as on the mat. I was really impressed and it was nice to see him wrestle like we all knew he could.

    2) Bronson was a nice surprise. I was praying they would send Kuhlman out, or possibly pull Mike Thorn out of redshirt, after the NIU dual. Bronson has really improved and matured over the last few seasons and I didn't recognize him at first. I think Eidenschenk or possibly Yohn is the future here, but it was nice to see someone not get pinned seemingly at random.

    3) Northern Illinois is really bad. I mean it makes me almost embarassed to be from IL and have gone to their camps when I was in Highschool. I'm a bandwagon jumper at times, and I think ND State will be a good rival in the future, but NIU handed a dual victory to an outmatched (underwieght as well apparently) Bison squad.

    4) Mack Reiter has a lot of rust to work off, but I think he'll be fine. He's still got some spark, but there are a lot of cobwebs to beat out. Is it just me, or does he seem really short too?

    5) I can't wait to see the rematch between Glasser and Reader. I was really impressed with him, solid on his feet and a terror with the arm bars. Safratoich (sic, its late) was great last year (and this year) but Glasser is an upgrade, which is a good problem for the Gophers to have.

    6) Kish, was, well Kish. It says a lot about Herbert and Varner, especially, that he lost to them. I'm anxious for the rematch and I think that if Kish opens up, he can give Varner all he wants. That being said, I've heard him described as a bully with little technique (guess where that came from). I personally think there are few on the Gophers, who matches him with quickness and ability. At times he does come across as almost over aggressive though...especially on the edge of the mat. oh well, it ain't no tennis match, dude.

    7) Did Nord just have a really bad day?

    8) It was great seeing the blow outs. If they wrestle like they did today, putting on a show almost, They'll be tough to beat. They deffinitley have the horses to run away on most teams out there and I think they match up really well with any of the other "national" powers. The toss ups are always going to be 197 and HWT, but before that, I'll take the gophers first 8 over anybody. It gives a new meaning to murder's row.

    9) If anybody needs a 174 lber in their fantasy league, take a serious look at Duke Burke form NIU. One of the two bright spots on a shakey NIU team.

    10) I like Gabe Mooney from ND State.

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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by architeuthis View Post
    4) Mack Reiter has a lot of rust to work off, but I think he'll be fine. He's still got some spark, but there are a lot of cobwebs to beat out. Is it just me, or does he seem really short too?
    He is really short, not much taller than me and I wrestled 103 all 4 years. But in the long run I think it's better; the shorter you are, the more muscle you can pack on.
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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    Mack is very short and thick for 133, he's obviously filled out since his first two years but has not bumped up in weight, I wonder if 141 would be more optimal for him? Obviously it would be bad for the team for him to move up and bump rivera out of the lineup so maybe hes sucking a lot to hold 133. I've heard rumors of him hitting 160+ during the summer, could that explain why he's looked sluggish so far this year?

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    yeah, pulling weight can be a bitch...i am concerned though with a lot of these guys pulling a lot of weight as that issue doesn't really seem to get better over time...look at frey last year...he just became totally unglued i think over his weight cutting issues...

    If anyone can pull it off though, I think Reiter can. I would be more worried about Ruggirello who looks taller and bigger than Reiter and is still managing to make the weight...

    Guys on the Gophers that look big for their weight:
    133 Reiter
    141 Rivera
    149 Schlatter
    157 Schlatter
    174 Dretsch
    184 Kish
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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    those are the sacrifices you make for national championships though i guess...I am curious to see how the ISU "experiment" works this year with everyone going up a weight...
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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    I've never through rivera looked particularly big, lang looks huge for 141

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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    I agree with Lost, he is one of the only 141 lbers who I never thought looked especially big. I also don't think that either Dustin or Reiter look big at their weights. Dustin is big but not overly so in appearance. HE's not thick like CP is.

    Reiter is short, but He seem's smaller compared to a lot of other 133 lbers out there. I bet he's cutting a ton though. I'm a fat guy, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to try and stay under 135 lbs youir entire college career. I don't think I was that small when I was born.

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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    THe two who seem to be the biggest/pulling the most weight on the team to me right now are dretsch and reiter, they both look like they've gained a lot of mass since their freshman year but niether of them have moved up, thats the problem with having a team this stacked there isnt really much flexibility in the weight classes because you have a returning all american or qualifier above or below you.

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    Default Re: Norther Quad Thoughts

    if you don't think Dustin is pulling a little weight, there is something wrong...he looks huge at 149...the only reason it doesn't seem like it is that he is pretty disciplined about not getting too far above that weight throughout the year...
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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