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Thread: Norther Quad Thoughts

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    I remember Dustin was interviewed last year, and he said he's seldom ever above 160. He's just cut as hell, like Lost said he isn't a thick guy like Reiter, or CP.

    There were quite a few guys I watched him against last year that were as big as him, or bigger.

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    Everyone in D-1 wrestling is cutting weight. Dustin is cut, but I wouldn't suggest he is overly big for 149. I think CP was cutting huge when he was at 149 three years ago. He's deffinitley good size, but if it were to come out that he was cutitng a great deal I would be surprised. I could be horribly wrong though its not the first time.

    In my opinion, Churella looks like he cuts a lot to make 149. Tannenbaum also was cutting a ton to make 149 his sophmore year.

    The thing about dustin is that he appears to be a "true" 149 lber. I think that plays a lot into his dominance as he is not wrestling the scale as much as others at that wieght. I think it is one of the reasons (besides obvious talent) he can pull out the close wins like he does.

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    maybe you're we have any DS's experts in the audience...

    the advantage for both Schlatter's is their height or lack of it...
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