Watching Logan Stieber today and following results by the Altons, Kindig and some others yesterday made me get to thinking about how the list of most sought after recruits for coming year is going to look.

1. Logan Stieber (Although he may not count for this list given that he's already committed to Ohio State)

2. Andrew Alton/Dylan Alton (I'm putting them together since its basically a done deal that you get one and you get the other. Given the fact that they're both ridiculously good you could almost argue that they'd deserve to be put over Stieber if you were to count them as a pair which I'm doing)

Thats all I'm going to rank for now. Thoughts on other people?

PA is going to be absolutely ridiculous next year with the Altons, Kindig, and Peppelman all probably top 10 or better recruits.