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As a Gopher fan, I giggled like a toddler on Xmas when I saw the Perry and Metcalf results last night online....of course, I was returning from a wedding dance so the drinks may have had an affect as well.

I am currently in Iowa and I haven't seen Metcalf or Perry on the shoulders trying to "thumb" their way outta Iowa. It is early and these results are interesting, but not something that indicates they won't come back at the end of the year. However, it is humorous hearing the same Hawk fan's I personally spoke on the phone to early in the week ripping the Goph's at All Stars talk now about how early season matches are meaningless. Ironic!
Yes and unlike All-Star Classic, these losses weren't to #1's, #2's or #3's and they weren't decisions, they were majors and a pin...its going to be a fun year and Metcalf and Perry will be back in the thick of it before the year is over, we all know that...