125 Ness/Sanders Ness 1st/Sanders DNP
133 Reiter/Ness Reiter 3rd/Ness 3rd
141 Reiter/Rivera Rivera 5th/Reiter 6th
149 Rivera/Schlatter Rivera 7th/Schlatter 1st
157 Schlatter/Schlatter DS 1st/CP 3rd
165 Schlatter/Safratowich 5th/7th
174 Glasser/Dretsch Glasser 7th/Dretsch 7th
184 Dretsch/Kish Dretsch DNP/Kish 2nd or 1st if Herbert redshirts
197 Eidenshenk DNP
Hwt Nord/Berhow DNP

Sorry about all of the multi-line-up stuff...I am sure that Larson and/or Stitch could crack that line-up somewhere as well...these were just shots in the dark in case someone has a hard time making weight...