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Thread: IPTV's College Wrestling Schedule

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    Default IPTV's College Wrestling Schedule

    Iowa Public Television Announces 2007-08 College Wrestling Coverage

    11/21/2007 10:26:00 AM

    Coverage begins December 9 with Iowa @ Iowa State Meet

    (Johnston, Iowa) - Iowa Public Television has announced the schedule for the 32nd season of College Wrestling coverage on the statewide television network. The first meet of the season will feature live coverage of Iowa at Iowa State on Sunday, December 9 at 2 p.m.

    This year, IPTV is showcasing four top collegiate match-ups with coverage and expert commentary from two wrestling legends. Tim Johnson returns as IPTV's play-by-play announcer and national champion wrestler and coach Jim Gibbons returns as an analyst for the season.

    College Wrestling can be seen statewide on all IPTV stations. This season, viewers can see the following meets:

    * Iowa @ Iowa State Sunday, December 9 at 2 p.m. (live)

    * Iowa State @ UNI Sunday, December 16 at 2 p.m. (live)

    * Iowa Conf. Championships @ Wartburg College in Waverly Thursday, February 21at 7 p.m. (live)

    * Nebraska @ Iowa State Sunday, February 24 at 2 p.m. (live)

    More information about College Wrestling can be found at

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    That seems like a lighter schedule than normal -- and only one Iowa meet? I wonder if this is fallout from the Big Ten Network or some other issue?

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    IPTV has reported that due to budget issues they are cutting back on there wrestling coverage.
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    I'm sure that the Big Ten network plays into that a bit.

    A lot of public television has lost the support from the federal government. Regardless of your politics, it sucks that we don't get to see as much wrestling because of it. If you want to pledge some support for IPTV, click here.

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    Those of you who are Iowans can correct me if I'm wrong, but, I thought only a few years ago, the IPTV College Wrestling schedule had 10-12 events on it per season. I can imagine it's an expensive program to produce... but they do a wonderful job. Hats off to bluestater for her suggestion to make a pledge.


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    I think as long as I can remember (since 86) there have been about seven meets a year. I think four is crap. I would complain but since I do not give money to them I guess I really can't. They do ask your meembership number on the contact us page. I know Gable has been on there in past giving about a $1000 and asking Wrestling fans to match it. I would guess they raise more money from wrestling then their other crap programs. I hope they see the error in their ways. Not only are they only carring four events, I will be at two of them. So that leaves me with one division 1 meet on IPTV that I will be watching without just recording it.

    Oh well I hope the Big Ten Network, EspnU, CSTV, and fox sports step up.

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    Gobott, can you send them a donation with a note that it is specifically college wrestling that you are supporting? Assuming that is financially viable for you; I realize it isn't for everyone.

    Their fall fund-raiser is starting up next week, I think. This would be a good time to call in a pledge and make a plug for more wrestling programming at the same time.

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    Default Re: IPTV's College Wrestling Schedule

    A couple years ago, I believe IPTV had a specific fundraiser for the College Wrestling series. (I'm in Ohio, and my local PBS stations do NOT show CW... so I saw this on a tape from a friend in Iowa.) I seem to remember the typical scene of telephone operators seated behind the regular College Wrestling announcers Tim Johnson, Jim Gibbons and Dan Gable, who were talking about pledge levels and all that. They had some CW-specific items like ballcaps as a gift for specific pledge levels. I wonder how much of a success it was for IPTV.


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    Just checked IPTV's College Wrestling website, and, sure enough, they still have the CW Store which has videotapes of past broadcasts, their "Memorable Matches" series, and the excellent Cael Sanderson: Portrait of a Legend documentary. And... a portion of your purchase goes to support IPTV and College Wrestling.

    Here's the link to the CW Store page:


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