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Thread: Following wrestling - a fad?

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    Default Following wrestling - a fad?

    There are so many people that used to post very actively on TWT that have dropped off the face of the earth, what's up with that? I've heard the excuse from some posters that they are incredibly busy now and don't have time but I don't believe that's true for everyone, in fact I doubt that it's totally true for anyone. It takes about an hour a week to catch up on what's happening and stay moderately involved, so the too busy excuse is BS.

    I know some people have significant health issues and I'm not questioning them at all, but what about everyone else? Is there any way that these people just can't log onto the site anymore? Are they posting elsewhere? Or was wrestling just a fad for them? I'm not going to name names because I don't want to be (more of a) douchebag, but it's a bummer that so many people that I thought were true fans of wrestling just bailed.

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    Flop--While I'm sure that there could be some former posters who were somewhat temporary in their interest, I don't think that explains the decreased posts on this board. I'm not the expert on this, but it seems to me that the technical problems experienced on this board led a number of true and diehard wrestling fans to focus more on other boards. I'm sure that most of the regular posters on this board in the past are still faithful wrestling fans. And who knows, with time maybe we'll see increased activity again. We all do have other significant activities as well. Just MO.

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    Default Re: Following wrestling - a fad?

    What stopped my participation on this board was the technical issues. Also my interest in prognostication has diminished to nothing. I kind of realize no one really cares if you're right or wrong about predictions. No one even looks back through the threads after the matches, generally speaking.

    Funny you ask this, Flop; I've asked myself the very question about myself. Was following wrestling a fad for me? As a preface, I still probably spend 5+ hours a week following the sport, but that is down from about 40 two or three years ago. That 40 was probably not going to be sustainable throughout my whole life unless I were to find a career in the sport.

    For me, other interests and priorities have arisen. My college wrestling fandom was born and grew during my college career. So I've had common post-college life changes. I find it difficult to choose wrestling over other priorities. The same goes for other sports; wrestling is still by far the sport I follow most, even at ~5 hours/week.

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    I still follow wrestling as much as I ever have. I've just found out that I can have the same conversations on a different board with many more people. Back before the technical difficulties this board had, I had no interest in going elsewhere. However, due to this board being down so much, I went elsewhere. Back when TWT was very busy, it was my favorite place to talk wrestling, but it is now a shell of what it once was. I hope it returns to it's former glory someday. It took a huge hit, being down so much.

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    Default Re: Following wrestling - a fad?

    Ohio State blows

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Default Re: Following wrestling - a fad?

    Technical issues to blame. One of the old, old posters said once that he was concerned that all the weird $hit on here was going to somehow affect his personal online security/privacy. A valid concern?

    I seem to remember some knowledgeable female posters on here back in the heyday, but they have all vanished long ago. Sausage party now.

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    Default Re: Following wrestling - a fad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    Ohio State blows
    Herkey--good to see that you spread your anti-fandom around! Is this in honor of Gold making an appearance again? I've missed Gold's posts in the past couple years. I've missed yours too (but you've posted a good bit more than Gold over the past 2 years)!

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    Default Re: Following wrestling - a fad?

    I am in love with my Ohio State anti fandom just about as much as I am with my State Penn and Okie dokie anti fandom. Gold is great, but Ohio State blows.

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    I knocked up my girlfriend.

    Note: I'm not an avid poster but I sign in daily to check out the threads daily. I have also got last place two years running in the NCAA pick-em deal. Eat your hearts out!

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