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Thread: Southern Scuffle Picks

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    Default Southern Scuffle Picks

    Awesome wrestling so far and many great match-ups tonight. Here are my picks...

    125: #2 Nahshon Garrett-Cornell WMD #9 David Terao-American
    125: #3 Nico Megaludis-Penn State WBD #6 Josh Martinez-Air Force
    #2 Nahshon Garrett-Cornell WBD #3 Nico Megaludis-Penn State (Nahshon continues to have Nico's number)

    133: #5 Jon Morrison-Oklahoma State WBD #15 Joe Roth-CMU
    133: #14 Jimmy Gulibon-PSU WBD #7 David Thorn-Minnesota
    FINALS: #5 Jon Morrison-Oklahoma State WBD#14 Jimmy Gulibon-PSU (Jimmy's impressive run ends)

    141: #3 Chris Dardanes-Minnesota WBD Joe Spisak-UVA

    141: #4 Zain Retherford-PSU WBD #8 Chris Mecate-ODU
    FINALS: #4 Zain Retherford-PSU WBD #3 Chris Dardanes-Minnesota (Retherford goes down early but finds a way to win)

    149: #1 Nick Dardanes-Minnesota WBD #8 Chris Villalonga-Cornell
    149: #5 Josh Kindig-Oklahoma State WBD #2 Drake Houdashelt-Missouri
    FINALS: #5 Josh Kindig-Oklahoma State WBD #1 Nick Dardanes-Minnesota (I just like the way Kindig has been wrestling)

    157: #2 Alex Dieringer-Oklahoma State WMD #9 Brian Realbuto-Cornell
    157: #4 Dylan Ness-Minnesota WBD #13 Ian Miller-Kent State
    FINALS: #2 Alex Dieringer-Oklahoma State WBD #4 Dylan Ness-Minnesota (Dieringer wins convincingly…4-6 point spread)

    165: #1 David Taylor-PSU WMD #8 Zach Toal-Missouri
    165: #3 Nick Sulzer-Virginia WBD #2 Tyler Caldwell-Oklahoma State
    FINALS: #1 David Taylor-PSU WMD #3 Nick Sulzer-Virginia (Sulzer gets a taste of Taylor and is nearly teched)

    174: #2 Chris Perry-Oklahoma State WBD #8 Tyler Wilps-Pittsburgh
    174: #5 Logan Storley-Minnesota WBD #3 Mathew Brown-Penn State
    FINALS: #5 Logan Storley-Minnesota WBD #2 Chris Perry-Oklahoma State (close and boring…Storley with the upset)

    184: #1 Ed Ruth-PSU WBF #14 Lorenzo Thomas-Penn
    184: #7 Gabe Dean-Cornell WBD #4 Kevin Steinhaus
    FINALS: #1 Ed Ruth-PSU WBD #7 Gabe Dean-Cornell (Dean gives Ruth all he can handle)

    197: #1 Scott Schiller-Minnesota WBD Nick Bonaccorsi-Pittsburgh
    197: #10 J'den Cox-Missouri WBD #2 Kyven Gadson-ISU
    FINALS: #10 J'den Cox-Missouri WBD #1 Scott Schiller-Minnesota (J'den knocks off McIntosh, Gadson, and Schiller…moves to #1)

    285: #1 Tony Nelson-Minnesota WBD #12 Jimmy Lawson-PSU
    285: #5 Nick Gwiazdowski-NC State WBD #10 Jeremy Johnson-Ohio
    FINALS: #1 Tony Nelson-Minnesota WBD #5 Nick Gwiazdowski-NC State (not this time Gwiazdowski…Nelson gets a little revenge)

    Team Race
    - #1 PSU: 5 finalists; 3 champs
    - #2 Minn: 6 finalists; 2 champs (could very easily swing if either Dardanes brother or Schiller wins)
    - #3 OSU: 4 finalists; 3 champs
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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    So Ness got stuck by Miller in 44 seconds? Anyone know how that went down?

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Cradled. Miller is wrestling really well. Ness was then TF'd by Pena in the consi-semis.

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Did Pena hit a bunch of tilts?
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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Anyone else having trouble watching? Video was very good this morning, but now I can't get it to come up in Chrome or Firefox. I get an error message saying it can't connect to server...

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Oops, and Nick Dardanes gets pinned. What a day to forget for Minny fans. Schiller and Nelson can at least put some strawberry jam on the s**t sandwich that UM has been eating throughout the day.

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Wow…I knew Dean would keep it close, but didn't expect him to roll over Ruth. Wake-up call!! He can't walk through NCAAs this year with Dean in the bracket.

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    Can't say enough good things about Dean. I've watched too many people go out against Ruth, Taylor, Stieber...etc over the past several years and look more concerned about how badly they were going to lose instead of actually trying to win. Congrats to Dean for not backing down

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    Default Re: Southern Scuffle Picks

    This kid Dean is for real. Ruth pinned him in November. Pretty good turnaround. It reminds me of the Scuffle 3 years ago. At that time FR Ruth beat #1 Lewnes of Cornell. Now FR Dean beats #1 Ruth. I think Ruth will win in March but it really is a wake-up call. Dean's win was no fluke. He flat out beat Ruth today! The Scuffle is a good place for come-out parties for freshmen!!

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