I'll let you guys get the Iowa guys....but my pick is Mark Conley. Navy grad in '02 I think. He was ranked #1 for a while, but only finished 5th twice I think (that could be wrong).

However, that guy had the most GO of any wrestler I've seen. Mentally broke everyone in the 3rd period. Worked your head the entire match. I remember watching him beat Tom Wysocki from Rutgers my freshman year in EIWA semis and it was one of the craziest "gut-check" spectacles I've ever seen. Conley got put on his back early, and you watched Tom just melt in the third. Conley tied it up with about 5 TD's in the third. In overtime, Tom could not even lift his arms. Conley took him down with ease.

I'll also put Schwab up there (i know i said I'd leave you the Iowa guys) but the all star meet when he wrestled Sean Gray was a sight. Gray was beating him by 4 or 5 going inot the third and Schwab seemed to turn on this light for the third and ended up majoring him. Nasty.