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Thread: Gophers wearing Nike

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    Of course there are other options...adidas and asics support the sport and at least actually have wrestling shoes on their website.

    Wrestling is no where to be found on Nike's site

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    grapplefan, yes there are other wrestling shoe options. Adidas and Asics seem to be most popular.

    Nike seems to not care about wrestling at all... like rick mentioned Nikes doesn't list Wrestling as a sport under it's navigation. It does however list walking, cardio, yoga, and swim under their sports.

    However I think that Nike would be a great marketing tool for the sport of wrestling due to it's power in the athletic apparel industry. It's too bad that they just don't seem to want to get involved..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GopherfanbackinMN View Post
    I referenced this also on another thread. I remember hearing that Nike was getting sole athletic rights to the U of MN. That said, there seems to be ways around it when it comes to wrestling. Teams from AZ State, Illinois, and Oregon (in the past) have been pretty much 100% Nike and many Adidas schools (Neb, WI, & Michigan State) don't deviate. However, I remember the older Churella wearing the Asics Rulons that were blackened to cover the logo and Coleman Scott wore old school Brutes last year...though they may have been bought out by Adidas or John Smith has rights. Regardless, Ness and Mac wore the new Caels so unless they get an All-Star meet may end up half and half.
    Just a point of clarification, in wrestling at least, the corporate sponsor doesn't necissarily dictate the athletes choice of footwear. Obviously, a wrestler must wear the school uniform (singlet) without deviation, but when it comes to shoes they can wear what they want and they don't persay have to black out a logo.

    In the revenue sports, Nike, Adidas, etc has their claws in the total outfit. Wrestling, being non-revenue has a lot of leway.

    I have never really thought much of the Nike wrestling products until the last few years and I think their quality has taken a very nice turn for the better. This is unfortuante because it was rumored that Nike has played a big role in the dismissal of wrestiling at Oregon. My chagrin being that finally they are making good shoes, but I have to boycot on principal.

    Maybe the gophs wearing them will make me feel a little less like a sell out now.


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