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Discuss ISU-Minny sig bet at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I think Ness gets a Fall, I'm going with Fanthorpe over Reiter, Manny very close ...
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    Default Re: ISU-Minny sig bet

    I think Ness gets a Fall, I'm going with Fanthorpe over Reiter, Manny very close Dec, young Sanderson over CP, Glasser takes Reader. The rest looks good.

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    Default Re: ISU-Minny sig bet

    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    I actually think Kish is going to get Varner this time. Kish will come out on bottom like a bat out of hell. Lets hope if Kish goes down its in the second period and not third when he's too tired to get out...

    I hope you're right.... When Kish wrestles a little P.O. he a greeat. A win by Kish here would really help his mental edge.

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    Here's what I put on the other forum about a week ago

    125 - No word on who will be in for this meet. Either way Ness is sick nasty on top. 6-0 MN
    133 - Fanthorpe is good but it's Mack freaking Reiter. 9-0 MN
    141 - Manny destroyed AA-caliber people before getting hurt last year, and Gallick has not looked great. 12-0 MN
    149 - I don't think Cael will have his guys running from DS like so many did last year, but still no bonus (I hope). 15-0 MN
    157 - Here's where it gets interesting. If it was in Ames I'd give it to Sanderson, kinda like M* over Paulson at home. 18-0 MN
    165 - Reader has looked amazing so far. 18-3 MN
    174 - Minny should get bonus here, even if Dretsch never takes a shot. 22-3 MN
    184 - Match of the night. As has been said, Varner's working with Cael and Hartung every day so I'll give it to him, but no surprise either way. 22-6 MN
    197 - Bert has got bonus points in 4 of his 5 matches so far. 22-10 MN
    285 - If I know anything about JRob, Zabriskie will have a hard time wearing Nord down but he has definitely proven himself. 22-13 MN
    Extra thoughts:
    I do think Kist will go at 125, but I don't think it will matter. I still think 157 could go either way. 184 will be an even bigger matchup, if that's possible.

    I will just stay with these predictions for now.
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    Default Re: ISU-Minny sig bet

    125 Ness m dec. over ISU 4-0 At a minimum...
    133 Reiter d Fanthorpe 7-0 Reiter rights his NWCA wrongs.
    141 Rivera m dec Gallick 11-0 The Hot Tamale is back looking good.
    149 Schlatter dec. Mueller 14-0 Whether its 1-0 or 16-1, DS no doubt.
    157 CP v Sanderson 17-0 CP knows speed and is much stronger
    165 Glasser v Reader 17-3 This matchup will be fun for years.
    174 Dretsch v ISU 20-3 I will never GIVE Dretsch offense.
    184 Kish v Varner 23-3 Kish will press the action this time.
    197 Committee v Bertolino 23-6 97's are not good but stay off backs.
    Hwt Zabriskie v Berhow 23-12 Berhow outperformed Nord at KB.

    The only matches I see possibly going the other way are 184 and 165...I say Berhow gets the nod over Nord due to KB results...Nord didn't look good at all.
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