That's right, Dake and Jenkins are wrestling at the Grapple In the Garden - AKA The David Taylor Holiday Tournament.

I realize it is freestyle but the only real connection I see is they are the two who have beaten Taylor in college. Even stranger since Jenkins is much more of an MMA guys these days. Considering his wrestling fitness while "training for wrestling", I'm curious how he'll hold up. His confidence and personality will be ready. In the press release, he is quoted as saying:

"I am super excited about taking my wrestling talents to the biggest and baddest city in the world to showcase my skills under the bright lights of the illustrious Madison Square Garden. It is a tremendous honor to have been chosen to wrestle in the Grapple at the Garden event, and one which I take with immense pride and will never forget. As my fans and friends already know, I am a big match, big move athlete. Come December 1, while wrestling one of the greatest wrestlers our sport has ever seen, Kyle Dake, New York City sports fans will learn that about me as well. I am humbled to compete in this historic freestyle wrestling match in The World's Most Famous Arena."

Uhhhh, is anyone who uses the phrase "I am taking my talent(s) to...." being humbled by anything?