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    So I worked on my tiers for the upcoming season and I'll have a more detailed write up for Flo later, but heres what I've got so far. These will change as we hear more about weight changes.


    1. Nico Megaludis
    2. Jesse Delgado
    3. Nahshon Garrett
    4. Cory Clark
    5. Jarrod Patterson
    6. Anthony Zanetta
    7. Nathan Kraisser
    8. David Thorn

    R12: Tyler Cox, Joe Roth, Josh Martinez, Sean Boyle

    Jesse and Nico split 2-2 this year, in my mind they're pretty even. Nico adjusted extremely well from Big 10's to NCAA's, keeping Jesse off his legs. His low single was on point just got out-scrambled. I don't see Nico as the 4x 2nd placer type, so I think he breaks through at some point. Might have been too cautious with Clark. I want someone to show me a redshirt(freshman) season that had that many good wins.




    Joe Roth
    Josh Martinez
    Sean Boyle

    Maybe Nahshon and Cory belong in their own tier, but I feel alright about it. Nahshon really came on at the end, and Cory has shown he belongs.

    1. Tony Ramos
    2. Tyler Graff
    3. AJ Schopp
    4. Jon Morrison
    5. Chris Dardanes
    6. Ryan Mango
    7. Mark Grey
    8. Mason Beckman

    R12: Cody Brewer, Jimmy Gulibon, Joe Colon, George DiCamillo

    What a weight. From like 6 on it is a wild mix up until Joe Colon. Really feel like Tony gets it done and feel that Tyler is on his own. 3-5 is a tough group and I'm interested to see what Mango is at 6. I feel fairly confident I've got the best 12 here(unlike possibly 125). Keeping Brewer off the podium may be really tough and was hard for me to do since I feel a special affinity towards him after drafting him last year and feeling like he was going to be very tough. I just think Beckman and Grey are just a bit better.


    Tony Ramos

    Tyler Graff

    AJ Schopp
    Jon Morrison
    Chris Dardanes

    Ryan Mango
    Mark Grey
    Mason Beckman
    Cody Brewer

    Jimmy Gulibon
    Joe Colon(could break through, but a lot of hype, little substance so far)
    George DiCamillo

    1. Logan Stieber
    2. Kendric Maple
    3. Devin Carter
    4. Mitchell Port
    5. Ugi
    6. Evan Henderson
    7. Mike Nevinger
    8. Nick Dardanes

    R12: Richard Durso, Joey Lazor, Josh Dziewa, Jesse Thielke

    Here's hoping Kendric doesn't move up, but he's all kinds of big and Coach Cody doesn't like his guys cutting much weight(plus it'd let Brewer go up as he looked big-ish as well at 33). Really don't know how great I feel about the Logan call, He really relies on his strength a lot, something that Kendric has plenty of. I think Logan is on another level technically here. I think there's lots of possibility for my R12 guys to move into the top 8 here. Especially my first 3. Thielke is a real wild card. Not sure if he'll have the offense to get it done right away.







    1. Dylan Ness
    2. Scott Sakaguchi
    3. Destin McCauley
    4. Josh Kindig
    5. Nick Brascetta
    6. Drake Houdashelt
    7. Andrew Alton
    8. Ian Paddock

    R12: Eric Grajales, Jason Tsirtsis, David Habat, Edwin Cooper!?!?!?

    I would like to go on record that I hate this weight. I don't like any of my picks, and I think this weight is super weak. I don't think Ness is going to win. I hope Maple comes up and gives me some confidence in something(he'd be my pick to win easily). I think McCauley wrestles and Sueflohn redshirts. I think he could be good enough to win, but sight unseen folkstyle wise for a few years it's tough to say what we're getting, so that was a hedge I suppose. Kindig seems real high but he's in that tier and I'm pretty high on him coming into this year(perhaps irrationally so). Went with the customary "I only have 11 guys so I'll throw in a hawkeye at 12" With Cooper






    1. Derek St. John
    2. Alex Dieringer
    3. James Green
    4. Dylan Alton
    5. RJ Pena
    6. Isaac Jordan
    7. Joey Napoli
    8. Ian Miller

    R12: Zach Niebert(not a typo), Danny Zilverberg, Kyle Bradley, Taylor Walsh

    DSJ goes out on top, but he will have his set backs along the way, but he's been money in March throughout his career, and I don't see that changing. Dieringer is certainly formidable, but his wins aren't as amazing as a 3rd place finish may suggest. Green and Alton are right there. I like Jordan coming into this year and I think Napoli doesn't poop his pants this time around. I really hate the number 8 pick here, but struggled to do much better than the upside I see in Miller(his RS season wasn't stellar at all). Niebert at 157 is a real wildcard. I can only assume he fancies himself a Jordan Oliver type of wrestler. The similarities are innumerable.







    1. David Taylor
    2. Tyler Caldwell
    3. Steven Monk
    4. Michael Moreno
    5. Nick Sulzer
    6. Taylor Massa
    7. Nick Moore
    8. Josh Veltre

    R12: Tyler Wilps, Jackson Morse, Pierce Harger, Mike Ottinger

    After number 2 this weight is pretty A) Tough to predict and B) bad. Some really tough choices. Nick Moore over Veltre you ask? I believe in Nick Moore. I think he will do better and I think he is in the better training/coaching situation. Morse might be a guy to have your eye on despite marginal results so far. He's A) talented and B) coached by Mark Perry. If you didn't know, David Taylor is going to absolutely destroy everyone here.


    David Taylor

    Tyler Caldwell

    Steven Monk
    Mike Moreno
    Nick Sulzer
    Taylor Massa

    Nick Moore
    Josh Veltre

    Tyler Wilps
    Jackson Morse

    Pierce Harger
    Mike Ottinger

    1. Andrew Howe
    2. Chris Perry
    3. Logan Storley
    4. Matt Brown
    5. Mike Evans
    6. Robert Kokesh
    7. Cody Walters
    8. Tanner Weatherman

    R12: Nate Brown, Lee Munster, Bryce Hammond, Mat Miller

    I really think Howe is the guy and it isn't close. Seeing up a weight at Universities answered a lot of the questions I had. At WTT's he looked a bit fatigued and weak and I think a lot of that is due to the weight cut(whether he'd admit it or not). Tell me how Chris Perry beats him? Not enough offense in this weight. I just don't see it. HUGE drop off after 6 spot. I like Hammond and Miller to perhaps break through. I think Howe goes undefeated this year.


    Andrew Howe

    Chris Perry
    Logan Storley
    Matt Brown

    Mike Evans
    Robert Kokesh

    Cody Walters
    Tanner Weatherman
    Nate Brown

    Lee Munster
    Bryce Hammond
    Mat Miller

    1. Ed Ruth
    2. Kevin Steinhaus
    3. Jimmy Sheptock
    4. Ethen Lofthouse
    5. Ryan Loder
    6. Max Thommusseit
    7. Kenny Courts(YOU HEARD ME)
    8. Pat Downey(WHY!? I HAVE NO IDEA)

    R12: Jacob Swartz, Jordan Rogers, Boaz Beard, Tony Dallago

    So I more/less hated picking from 7 on. My last two picks were purely me trying to keep Jacob Swartz off the podium. Maybe Jordan Rogers isn't all that this year, but regardless, this is not a great weight and if he's just solid with upside he should hit the r12. I think Steinhaus not placing was a fluke and I think he's the clear number 2, but maybe i'm just irrationally high on him. Downey was a Junior World Silver, so the pedigree is there. He could RS for all I know and maybe we see Dudley? Rutt would be in the top 4 if he were here, but him going 211 at Universities makes me think he may be 197 bound. What's there to say about Ruth that hasn't been said. My stance on Ed is well documented.


    Ed Ruth

    Kevin Steinhaus

    Jimmy Sheptock
    Ethen Lofthouse
    Ryan Loder

    Max Thommusseit

    Kenny Courts
    Pat Downey

    Jacob Swartz
    Jordan Rogers
    Boaz Beard
    Tony Dallago

    1. Morgan McIntosh
    2. Kyven Gadson
    3. Taylor Meeks
    4. Scott Schiller
    5. Nick Heflin
    6. Travis Rutt
    7. Blake Rosholt
    8. Nathan Burak

    R12: Richard Perry, Christian Boley, Mario Gonzalez, Brandon Palik

    Yeah I know, what a pick. I'm obviously high on McIntosh and I'll leave it at that and only add that(as you'll see with my tiers) that I think there is minimal separation between the top 7. This will be a great weight to watch this season as right now I'd have a hard time accepting any guy as a favorite. Will be interesting to see if someone emerges and separates.




    Palik(it aint personal)

    1. Tony Nelson
    2. Mike McMullan
    3. Bobby Telford
    4. Nick Gwiazdowski
    5. Austin Marsden
    6. Connor Medbery
    7. Mike McClure
    8. Adam Chalfant(FOR YOU RUSS)

    R12: JT Felix, Jimmy Lawson, Spencer Myers, Joe Stolfi

    Nelson winds up with 3 titles. How many heavies match up with that? I submit there aren't many. I don't think he is on the Neal/Rowlands/Konrad/Mocco level, but the resume will be comparable(if not better) than all of those guys. I don't see anyone here with the offense/size to challenge him. I like the top 6 a lot and after them, I feel none-too-good about any of my picks. Anxious to see what guys(that arent listed) emerge. I will add that there is a guy who I'm not sure if he's wrestling this year or not. If he does I think he'll probably place.


    Tony Nelson

    Mike McMullan
    Bobby Telford
    Nick Gwiazdowski

    Austin Marsden
    Connor Medbery

    Mike McClure
    Adam Chalfant
    JT Felix
    Jimmy Lawson
    Spencer Myers

    Joe Stolfi

    That's a rap! Give me some complaints and some names I missed!
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