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Thread: Bison Open Videos: Up on GoldZone

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    For those of you that subscribe, Sanders, Rivera, Dustin, Glasser, Dretsch, Kuhlman, and Nord all have footage up on the GoldZone.

    Edit: Seems as thought the match I was really interested in watching, Glasser v. Saf isn't up. The Glasser match they had up he worked some dude over pretty good before sticking him. In Dustin's match he actually stuck the guy too, 3/4 nelson.
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    Hard to judge because no one they wrestled was really that good... But all of the gophers I saw looked very good except for kulhman. he failed to impress me he doesnt seem to have the same fire or intensity that saf and glasser do I think at this point he's pretty much out of contention for a starting spot

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