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Thread: Bloomsburg VS Pit

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    1-1 in OT I was rooting for spaid but I changed my mind I gotta go for shaffer because I know somoene has spaid on their team
    Brother Lost, that was Me man! I thought we were tight bro! Ah, hell, after just getting back from my kids club practice to find that Barry has been indicted, Spaid losing in OT just doesn't have the sting that it might have otherwise. I was kind of losing faith in my heavyweight after seeing him take third in a mostly D3 tourny last week. Pessimism reigns right now

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    if it makes you feel any better brother mojo my heavy is an unproven true freshman who has yet to wrestle due to some sort of rule violation... I'm sure spaid will pick up plenty of points for you this year. I'm sort of bummed that caldwell lost it sounded like he was dominating, now whoeverh as rowe picks up 6 instead

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    mojo its too bad you didnt have me pick up moley and trade him to you he just beat Kocher a returning AA and #4 guy at 157 by a score of I believe 4-2

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