Always enjoy taking a look in to see which college guys are here, seem to be a solid number this year.

55: Zach Sanders v. Nico Megaludis
60: Tyler Graff v. Cashe Quiroga
63: Sam Sherlock v. Brandon Wright
66: Jason Chamberlain v. James Green
70: Justin Deangelis v. Brandon Kingsley
74: David Taylor v. Quinton Godley
79: Andrew Howe v. Logan Storley
84: Ed Ruth v. Cam Simaz
96: Micah Burak v. Dustin Kilgore
120: Tyrell Fortune v. Tony Nelson

As I was typing these up I began to notice that most of the finals had already been wrestled with most of the winners (Graff, Sherlock, Deangelis, Taylor, Howe, Ruth, Burak, and Fortune) cruising in consecutive matches.

55 and 66 were the only weights that are at a 3rd match.