FILA announced rules changes this weekend. In my opinion they did a poor job of making the announcement, which is the last thing FILA needs to do right now, but that is for another time.

There is a discussion of the rules over in the freestyle/greco forum, so I will summarize freestyle only here and ask what the folkstyle fans think and whether this makes for a better or worse transition from college. No offense to Greco, but since it is even further from folkstyle, I'm leaving it out.

Main changes:
Two 3-minute periods
Cumulative score wins (no winning periods)
Takedowns and all turns are worth 2 points (Push outs still worth 1 point)
Takedowns can occur outside the circle
Passivity - First call results in a warning. With your second passivity call they start a 30 second clock - you must score in those 30 seconds or you give up a stalling point.

Ties - I assume when both wrestlers have equal scores, the winner is chosen the same way (highest point move or whoever scored last). HOWEVER, if the score is 0-0 after 2 minutes in the period, the referee must call passivity on one wrestler and begin the 30 second clock. So there will never be a 0-0 tie.