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Thread: Kaufman Brand Open: Results and Discussion

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    Default Re: Kaufman Brand Open: Results and Discussion

    Looks like that's what's going on. That's part of that "room for improvement" that I referred to earlier.

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    Default Re: Omaha this weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by IowaRocks View Post
    Dustin Schlatter is scared of Brent Metcalf he has been avoid him since last time they wrestled, Metcalf has gotten way better since then and I bet when they meet Metcalf will smoke him. If Dustin Schlatter has his way we will avoid him untill the NCAA finals.
    Clearly Iowa rocks has been smoking a little whacky tobaccy if he thinks Schlatter is ducking Metcalf. Be interesting to see Dustin back in action with a healthy knee considering what he did on an injured one last year.

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