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Thread: Wisconsin Fans..

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    I'm guessing Graff stays at 133 but just a guess.

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    You guys with FLO subscription, soon up is Josh Bird, WI against Kass from MN in the 132 Cadet Greco finals in Fargo. Also Hunter Ritter 182 from MD against Rivera from GA. Should be an awesome match as they have battled before.

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    Watching now, Bird just tried a firemans carry. In Greco...

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    Bird tried a single leg at the end of the 1st.

    Then got a leg foul, erasing a 3 point move in the 2nd.

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    Finishes it off with a tech, that kids is crazy on the mat. Fun to watch, goodness.

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    hehehe, yeah, he's a nut. We're still trying to convince him to stay and wrestle freestyle! Josh was losing 4-3 at start of the second period and then he cut lose for 11 points! The boy's offense is non-stop! The majority of his matches were of the 1 minute variety!

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