Putting this weight thing into separate threads so if someone wants to contribute to 125, they can do it there, and if they want to talk 133, they do it here. And, it looks like 133 will need its own thread because it is a hard weight to rank. Here are the champs:
2000,1-Eric Juergens
2002,3-Johnny Thompson
2004-Zach Roberson
2005-Travis Lee
2006,7-Matt Valenti
2008-Coleman Scott
2009-Franklin Gomez
2010-Jayson Ness
2011-Jordan Oliver
2012,13-Logan Stieber

In this list you have six 2x champs (Lee also winning at 125, Oliver at 149) which makes more 2xers than 1xers in this weight. Problem is, the 1x champs here are lethal wrestlers as well. There does not seem to be a weak or 'fluke' guy here. I know all the guys here pretty well so here it goes: (1) Logan Stieber (2013) - Dominant in every position and 2 for 2 in his finals including against: (2) Jordan Oliver - Technique along with pinning power. Equally as dominant in every position as Stieber. (3) Travis Lee - Explosive and never ran out of gas. Probably the biggest tank of these 133ers and due to this I think he could beat either of the top 2 but I put him here b/c he didn't bonus quite as much as those guys. (4) Johnny Thompson - 3x finalist and a clutch guy. The one guy I may have overrated, but I liked his style. (5) Jayson Ness - May have been the best pinner on this list but not quite as good as the top guys in neutral. (6) Eric Juergens - The guy I am afraid I underrated. As a senior, beat Johnny Thompson when he was a freshman in a tight match but I think an older Thompson beats him. Had to put Ness over him due to Ness' pinning power.

(7) through (10) fall into the lower ranks not by their own shortcomings but due to the excellence of (1) through (6); 133 may be the best overall weight since 2000. (7) Zach Roberson - Seemed like a big, physical 133 to me and I remember some nasty riding from him. (8) Matt Valenti - Another guy I am afraid I underrated. Explosive on his feet but seems like his brackets were a little weaker the years he won, not his fault but have to take it into account. (9) Coleman Scott - Nasty on his feet but seemed a little lapse-prone and beatable at times. (10) Franklin Gomez - Hate to put him here but I think this is where he goes during his college days. He is world-class now so good for him.