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Thread: Petition to save Boston University Wrestling

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    Default Petition to save Boston University Wrestling

    The Official petition to Save Boston University Wrestling is now out and the concerned alumni need your help and your signature.

    Please visit:

    Petition Save Boston University Wrestling

    Please- Sign this and let your opinion be heard.
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    Default Re: Petition to save Boston University Wrestling

    Done. Thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: Petition to save Boston University Wrestling

    I hope everyone read Foley's commentary (including response to comments at the bottom) on Intermat about this topic. An interesting view is that the AD kind of made this a self-fulfilling prophecy. He let the program wallow (no offense intended to the coach) and then said it wasn't successful and didn't have support (alumni, fans, donations) and cut it. Had he been proactive about this, he probably should have fired the coach, brought in a motivated and motivating coach, put some money into facilities, and tried to improve it so that they would have alumni, fans, and donations.

    When Foley brought up this option, it sounds like the AD basically avoided the question.

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