They're through to the quarters in all the weights out in Vegas. Lot of interesting matches tend to happen at this tournament.

Results will be mostly college guys but I'll wind up sneaking a few high schooler's results in too.

Jordan Oliver def Anthony Valles 4-0/5-1
Matt McDonough def CJ Napier 2-1/5-1
Andrew Long def Nate Moore 2-0/0-2/6-4
Andrew Alton def Colin Johnston fall :17
Kyle Dake def Dylan Alton 4-3/6-4
Mario Mason def Alec Hoffman 7-0/6-0
Alex Meade def Jason Welch 3-0/2-0
Ethan Lofthouse def Grant Gambrall 3-3/2-0
Chris Perry def Ethan Lofthouse 3-0/3-1
Luke Rebertus def Zac Thomusseit 1-1/3-2
Dustin Kilgore def Romero Cotton 4-4/4-0/6-0
Quentin Wright def Ben Bennett 1-1/4-0