There is a lot of debate on here as to whether Cael or Dake is better. I don't want to rehash that. Fact is, they are both 4 timers and they both accomplished that feat in different and equally extraordinary ways (IMHO).

I am curious as to why Pat Smith is not among the talk as "one of the best ever." He is the only other 4xer ever, and everyone seems to be glossing over him and jumping to other 2 and 3xers as 3rd on the list of GOAT.

He may not have been undefeated, and he may have stayed at the same weight all four years, but he still managed to win all four years. Also, he only lost 5 times in his career and all of those were during his true freshman year. (He did have a tie during his junior year, but that wasnt a loss).

I would argue that Pat Smith is in consideration for the top 3 greatest of all time - he found a way to win every single match he ever wrestled in the NCAAs - and there are very few other people that can say that - Cael, Dake, and the 3xers in the era before freshman eligibility.

In looking at Pat Smith's dominance in the NCAA tourney (and considering nothing else) - his stats are:
2 falls
4 techs
6 majors
8 decisions

In route to his four titles, his opponents stats are:
23x AA
1 NC
4 RU.

I realize many people, such as Gable, McIlravy, Guerrero, and even Ruth and Taylor may have more "dominant" stats - but they all lost in the biggest spotlight when it mattered most. For that reason, I think Pat Smith should be in consideration as 3rd greatest of all time, along with Uetake, Hodge, Bill Koll, etc.