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    While Taylor and Ruth both have a year left, I think it's fair to say that Taylor, Ruth, and Wright might be 3 of the best 5 PSU wrestlers in history. I only say might be because things can happen to favorites their senior year (McDonough, Letters, Randy Lewis). But if their senior year goes chalk, and they are national champions, they definitely deserve to be on the list.

    I would put the list as this (in no order)

    Andy Matter- First 2x national champ (couldn't compete as freshman). 3x EIWA champ. 58-2 career record.

    Kerry McCoy- (NCAA 1,3,1) Big Ten (6,1,1,1). Went 22-18 as a freshman at 190. Moved up to heavyweight and went 137-1 the rest of his career.

    Quentin Wright- (NCAA 7,1,2,1) Joined David Taylor as first 3x finalists in PSU history this season.

    Ed Ruth (NCAA 3,1,1,?) 3 Big Ten and 2 NCAA titles in first 3 seasons. Only 2 career losses to this point.

    David Taylor (NCAA 2,1,2,?) Could become PSU's first 4x finalist. With Wright became PSU's first 3x finalists this season. Hodge trophy winner. 3 Big Ten and 1 NCAA title in first 3 seasons. 3 career losses to date. Has only failed to score bonus in something like 11 of his career matches.

    That is the (potential) Top 5 for me, with guys like Phil Davis (NCAA 7,2,5,1), Sunny Abe (NCAA 4,3,2,1), Jeff Prescott (NCAA 5,1,1), Jim Martin (career 155-9, NCAA 4,2,1,3) coming in just behind them.

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    Since Andy Matter was before the time of many posters here, let me add something about his record. His only loss at NCAA's was his SO year (not eligible as FR as noted). It was in the quarterfinals against a kid from Ok State. Matter was winning 10-0 when he got pinned from the top position. He was one incredible wrestler. Jimmy Martin's career and NCAA record would have been much better if it hadn't been for a certain Ricky Bonomo.

    But, I have to say, that I've never seen anyone so consistently dominate virtually everyone as Ed Ruth.

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    Wow, I didn't know that about Andy Matter...He was before my time, but I have heard a lot of stories about him as I have family that wrestled for his high school, Upper Darby...I also thoroughly enjoyed watching his son Brett win an NCAA title at Penn...Bonomo was incredible. You hear stories about him skipping practice to go hunting or fishing. He had losses every season but was an example of a "Mr. March," winning 3 titles...Also, if you ever had the pleasure of seeing him and his brother Rocky run a wrestling camp and do their "wrestling ninja" bits, well you never see kids enjoy wrestling practice so much.

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    Andy Matter was wrestling at my weight class (roughly) when I started wrestling in high school, so I was a big fan. We used to get the Lehigh/Penn State matches back then on public tv out of Hershey, so I got to see him wrestle a couple of times at least. I met him in the elevator of the Nittany Lion Inn during nationals in 1999.

    That's a pretty good top 5, but hard to keep Abe out of it.

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