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Thread: Steiber v Maple?

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    I do not believe Ramos will be going up, but judging by Ryan's comments it sounds like both Steibers are jumping up a weight. If Maple stays at 141 I think this is one of the most intriguing match ups next year if he stays at that weight. Maple has a lot of length and quickness that Logan has not seen in awhile. Ramos is quick and aggressive, but Maple can cover alot of surface area on the mat. THoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyler2400 View Post
    Retherford will red shirt and build some bulk on that frame. He rides like a monkey on an organ grinders back, but that's it. He needs work at neutral to succeed at this level.
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    This would be an interesting match. Steiber is definitely the more skilled and accomplished wrestler. But the size difference looks more like 2 weight classes than one. I bet Steiber's frame is about 2/3 the size of Maple's. Maple does such a good job of using his length and reach to keep his opponents at a distance. He bangs the head with his crazy reach and there is no way to get inside. I don't think I really saw anyone even get a legitimate shot off on him the whole tournament.

    On the feet I think Steiber would really struggle to get close enough to score (or even penetrate). I think to score he'd have to control the mat space so well that Maple was obviously stalling and the ref actually called it. This would make Maple open up and take chances (and give chances as a result). The other wildcard is if Steiber can ride Maple that might change everything. Maple usually enjoys such an advantage in riding time he feels no pressure to score on his feet and his opponent does. This plays further into his counter wrestling strategy in neutral. If steiber was able to ride him (a good chance), then at least it would pressure Maple into pushing forward a bit. The other factor is that Maple sometimes has conditioning issues (especially if you can take the pace out of his comfort zone).

    Overall a very intriguing matchup, and one of the few where I think size might be a bigger factor than skill.

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    Stieber but it should be a good one. I saw speculation that Maple might move up as well. Didn't he start his career at 133? But then JO started out as 133 and L Stieber started out as a 125.

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    Stieber. I have also heard the rumor about Maple moving up. Devin Carter will be back in the mix too.

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    Hoping Stieber stays down for Devin Carters sake.

    Logan just owns Devin...
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