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    Absolutely hated it.

    Almost as much as the customary brick throw in freestyle.

    Not just sour grapes because Ramos got hosed(though that was horrible). They're not overturning wrong moves, and there's no third party.

    You're showing the ref exactly what he just saw, you think the same guy is going to change it?

    I want it gone or changed.

    Anyone else have thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    You're showing the ref exactly what he just saw, you think the same guy is going to change it?
    Didn't they reverse a locking hands call in one of the semi final or finals matches? My failing memory doesn't recall which one.

    I liked it. It gave the coaches a more dignified option than yelling and screaming when a call doesn't go their way, and they seemed for the most part to be satisfied with the result.
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    It was 3rd place heavyweight match of Bradly v. Golgaev, where Bradley did the Mickey Mouse move of touching his hands to the mat when Golagaev was behind him trying to return him to the mat.

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    I'm in favor of any rule that will assure that the right call is being made. There was a learning curve when the NFL adopted the replay rule, probably going to be same case in wrestling.

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    There needs to be more than one camera angle!

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    I don't like it, but then again I don't like instant replay in any sport. For wrestling, it definitely benefits the kid with the smaller tank. Bubba might have been a four-timer if he had the opportunity to take a 90 second rest every match.

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    I agree with rynekey; I'm in favor of any rule that assures the right call is made. That being said they took WAY too long on some of those replays, the system definitely needs to be tweaked.

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    Hated it. Video reviews and blood timeouts turned 7 minute matches into 30 second intervals. I hear Manning is saving all three of his challenges for the 3rd period of Green's matches next year.
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    I don't think video review works in wrestling. Part of the sport is being in superior condition compared to your opponent and replay is all but taking away this aspect of matches. I don't see there being anyway that they could tweak the system so that it doesn't give unfair lungers.

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