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    I don't think video review works in wrestling. Part of the sport is being in superior condition compared to your opponent and replay is all but taking away this aspect of matches. I don't see there being anyway that they could tweak the system so that it doesn't give unfair lungers.
    Completely disagree 1st. Superior conditioning is a part of the sport but so are blood timeouts, injury timeouts, equipment timeouts, etc. that break up a match and allow a wrestler to recover. And you get a lot more of those than you do challenges. If they tweaked it so a separate official did the review and did it within 30 seconds I think it would be worth it to make sure the correct call was made. I would rather see that than someone get hosed on a bad call.

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    I heard that the video review would not work during the Stieber vs Ramos match, and that's what caused such a long delay. By my eyes if the review would have worked Ramos would've received the NF-2, instead they screwed it up turning people even more against replay. I don't like the fact that the replay could give the less conditioned athlete a breather if need be, but am still in favor of fixing a bad call if possible.

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    As a spectator it sucks. I hated sitting through those things this year. One thing about them is the current set of checks and balances. The ref isnt going to overturn his own call unless it is completely blatant, and even then they don't some times. I like it when the wrestler has to be in good shape too. Right now theres a nice little break or two in the middle of almost every match. I don't like it, but I'm willing to let them try and make it better.

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    First the ref does not want to reverse his own call I don't care what anybody says its in the back of his mind.

    Second at Nationals the big time coaches are going to save their challenges for the finals and then use them and / or blow them even if the call is not close......slowing the finals down to a crawl. Is there a time limit on the review ?

    I mean who was not getting sick of the challanges Saturday night ?

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    There were no less than 2 reversed calls that I recall, more likely three of four and that doesn't include any calls that were not televised on Thursday.

    Welsh had a TD called back against Alton didn't he.
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    Is there any penalty for losing a challenge? I think if you took a match point for a lost challenge or gave the the other team choice that might preclude them from being used as a lung time out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmpollo View Post
    Is there any penalty for losing a challenge? I think if you took a match point for a lost challenge or gave the the other team choice that might preclude them from being used as a lung time out.
    That's a good idea.
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    I also didn't like it, I wish that with all video reviews that there was another official there to decide when and what got reviewed, one not calling the match/game. They would also be the ones to review the call. I hate the idea that coaches would be penalized because they saw something differently, and that there is a limit to the number of reviews that a coach can have. What if there are four horrendous calls against a team in one tournament?

    I also think that if you're going to work the kinks out of something you don't do it at the NCAAs, use it for a couple of years and work your way up to the NCAAs. Once it works perfectly at the Scuffle, Reno, Vegas, Midlands, then roll it out at conferences for a season, then NCAAs.
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    It was in effect all season, I believe. I know I saw a bunch of them throughout the year and had time to get fully comfortable with it. I didn't really mind it, but I saw several overturned calls, which helps the viewer appreciate its worth.

    I think they might want to discuss what can and can't be reviewed. A great example would be in or out of bounds for a TD - this should be a pretty objective decision, and I think most refs would be comfortable saying that the video improves their ability to make a call.

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