This year we had four guys that I think people would agree are in the discussion for being high up on the list of best college wrestlers. That's a pretty good year.
I'd still rank Sanderson first and Gable second. I realize that Gable took second one year and Dake won all 4, but Dake has a lot more losses throughout his career and even though they were not in the tournament, they still count. But my point is not to have that discussion.

Let's start by assuming that Taylor and Ruth go undefeated next year (not unrealistic in my opinion).
  • Obviously, Dake is going to have to go very high on the list. 4 for for (making him one of three). A career record of 137-4,
  • Taylor would finish 2,1,2,1, with his only losses coming to NCs. Roughly 125-3.
  • Ruth would finish 3,1,1,1. Undefeated for the final three years, roughly 125-2 (those losses coming in his first year as a starter, one in his second week to an AA, the other when he tore cartilage in his knee at NCAA Quarterfinals).
  • And going into the season, I thought McD was going to have a career of 1,2,1,1. But we know that didn't happen

Where would you put these guys? I don't mean for you to complete a list, since I'm too lazy to do that (maybe that is something to do during the slow summer months). But where do you rank them relative to each other and roughly in history?

Obviously (and for me unfortunately) I have to put Dake at the top of this group, and he is going to be top 5 or 6 ever.
I think I have to put Ruth second, and Taylor right behind him. Ruth having 3 undefeated seasons and his worst finish at 3rd with an injury gives him the slight nod. Both will probably go in the 5-15 range
Had McD done what I thought he would, I'd have him right there as well. But sadly, this year changed that. Not only does he easily sit in 4th on this list, but he slides way down the list. He now has a 1,2,1 DNP, and that is a really tough ending to an otherwise great career. I think he is going to be around 20-25. I realize he was injured, but that won't be remembered.