So this is probably the least attention that I've been able to pay to a college wrestling season since my freshman year of college, but here are some semi stream of conscious thoughts about last nights's matches. I actually still have to watch the medal round matches that were televised.

174: Went down about how I expected it to. It was interesting at least in my eyes that they mentioned that Perry had said in an interview that he had a big change mentally and emotionally after his match where he got majored by Porter. Still don't know why he doesn't shoot his sweep single more, but I've flogged that horse enough over the last several years. Big ups to Matt Brown making the finals after being a back up last year.

184: Ed Ruth. I don't know how verbose I can really be here because Ruth is just well and truly that good. Even last night in the finals he just looked so casual in all of his movement. Like others have said his finishing percentage once he's to a leg is ridiculous, other than Jordan Burroughs I haven't seen anyone better at finishing. Wondered if he would start cutting Hamlin a little earlier to try and steal a bonus point and give PSU some breathing room in the team score.

197: The only result of the night that really surprised me, I didn't expect Wright to be able to deal with Kilgore's power. His motion and his variety of attacks (other than Oliver he might have the most diverse offense in the country) were enough. I stand in awe of his Mental Weakness.

285: While a match where he rang up 3-4:00 in riding time would have been funny to me from a "hi haters" perspective I was just happy to see Tony win again. Still a little surprised he was able to get the win in the semi's just based on the overall flow of that match. I can't believe that Gelogaev tried to do the high school esque jump spin go behind.

125: Wondered if Nico was going to be able to ugly the match up enough to pull the win off but Delgado set his pace and eventually found that cradle. I've really come to enjoy watching Delgado wrestle this year.

133: It was interesting to see this match as a contrast to the 165 angle that ESPN spent the weekend pushing of "old friends" these guys (or maybe just Ramos given the taped promo that aired before the match) don't like each other. Match wise not a ton that I didn't really expect, Logan is still just the better wrestler.

141: Biggest thing coming out of here is just me having to confront the fact that yes Port is actually good. Maple did what he normally does against the better guys. He's just so explosive and so hard to move. Hard to imagine that he's only a junior. Will be interested to see if he's back at 141 next year.

149: Really going to miss watching Oliver wrestle folkstyle. So fun to watch on his feet. Whether it was him being banged up or Chamberlain being good (probably a combination of the two) this was a little tighter than I expected it to be. He did what he had to do with one of his multitude of techniques when he scored off that throw by to win it.

157: Got my attention there at the end when Welch found that takedown to tie the match up 2-2, but similar to 133 St. John is just the better guy.

165: While I continued to predict Taylor to eventually get one of these matches here you obviously can't not appreciate the magnitude of what Dake was able to accomplish last night. Without using the "G" word (retired since Russell graduated) maybe the best guy ever at doing whatever he had to do to win matches on big stages whether it was scoring a lot of points against guys he was significantly better than or getting his points where he had to and grinding down the top level guys. In my mind the second greatest collegiate wrestler of all time.