I'm a Penn State fan, but always enjoyed watching this kid wrestle, as he was the definition of a goer...Iowa style, always attacking, with a seemingly unlimited gas tank...It has to be the weight cut bothering him. I had a feeling he would be vulnerable today, as he had to make weight a second day in a row. And while his gas tank was always his strength, it's looked to be a weakness as of late. I'm actually happy for the kid that he will only have to make 125 pounds 1 more day in his life. He is huge at the weight, and has been since his freshman year. He still goes down as an all-time great lightweight, but it seemed like coming into the year he was a safe bet to win his third national title, but as the year went on he looked more and more vulnerable...I don't think it's a coincidence that the two worst matches I have ever seen him wrestle were after the second day of weigh-ins, last week against Delgado and today against Garrett. I would have never imagined him getting ridden out in the third and feebly giving up a quick takedown in OT like he did today (he was 1 second of riding time away from losing in regulation, as well). I think he now has as many losses this year as the rest of his career combined.