I have to get this prediction out there and off of my chest. I think OSU takes it all. I'm an okie, yes, however I'm a huge supporter of OU not OSU. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind OSU. I think Klimara will go off and end up all americaning at 125. Morrison the same, he's beat Dardanes and McCormick, and I'm not sure what separates him from Graff and Schopp. Feikert may win one match. Oliver should win it. I like ness to give him a challenge. Dieringer will be right up there at the top of things as will Caldwell and Perry. Rosholt and Chionuma have to AA for my prediction to become correct. Z will be top 3. I realize that out of the top 4 teams, anyone who has a good tourney can win it. Am I crazy for thinking this? How bout the Klimara prediction?