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Discuss Jensen's NCAA Tournament Predictions at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 184 1. #1 Ed Ruth (Penn State) 2. #3 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) 3. #4 Steve ...
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    Default Re: Jensen's NCAA Tournament Predictions

    1. #1 Ed Ruth (Penn State)
    2. #3 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh)
    3. #4 Steve Bosak (Cornell)
    4. #2 Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)
    5. #5 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
    6. #7 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland)
    7. #8 Josh Ihnen (Nebraska)
    8. #9 Chris Chionuma (Oklahoma State)
    R12. #10 Jake Swartz (Boise State), #6 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa), #12 Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa), #11 Mike Larson (Missouri)

    Semi's: Ruth v. Bosak, Hamlin v. Bennett
    R12: Swartz v. Steinahus, Loder v. Ihnen, Lofthouse v. Sheptock, Chionuma v. Larson

    1. #1 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)
    2. #2 Quentin Wright (Penn State)
    3. #3 Matt Wilps (Pittsburgh)
    4. #4 Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming)
    5. #6 Kyven Gadson (Iowa State)
    6. #5 Taylor Meeks (Oregon State)
    7. #10 Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
    8. #11 Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma State)
    R12. #8 Micah Burak (Penn), US Andrew Campolattano (Ohio State), #12 Brent Haynes (Missouri), US Christian Boley (Maryland)

    Semi's: Kilgore v. Hernandez, Wilps v. Wright
    R12: Burak v. Meeks, Rosholt v. Campolattano, Haynes v. Schiller, Boley v. Gadson

    1. #2 Tony Nelson (Minnesota)
    2. #1 Dom Bradley (Missouri)
    3. #3 Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State)
    4. #5 Mike McMullan (Northwestern)
    5. #4 Chad Hanke (Oregon State)
    6. #10 Jarod Trice (Central Michigan)
    7. #6 Bobby Telford (Iowa)
    8. US Jeremy Johnson (Ohio)
    R12. #7 Connor Medberry (Wisconsin), US Levi Cooper (Arizona State), US Jimmy Lawson (Penn State), #8 Mike McClure (Michigan State)

    Semi's: Bradley v. McMullan, Gelogaev v. Nelson
    R12: Medberry v. Hanke, Johnson v. Cooper, Lawson v. Trice, McClure v. Telford
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    Default Re: Jensen's NCAA Tournament Predictions

    Wish i had the guts to put Hamlin in finals. In my mind hes the 2nd best but couldnt figure outnwhat % hed be at plus Bennett has beaten him this year.
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