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Discuss Dan Gable vs. Larry Owings NCAA Championships 1970 at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I imagine that everyone has already read it - but if you haven't - "A ...
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    Default Re: Dan Gable vs. Larry Owings NCAA Championships 1970

    I imagine that everyone has already read it - but if you haven't - "A Season on the Mat" carries one of the best accounts of this match I've read - including Gable's reflections.

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    Default Re: Dan Gable vs. Larry Owings NCAA Championships 1970

    I have some articles/items at my Fans of Dan Gable Yahoo group that might be of interest, including...
    > A recent-vintage article about Larry Owings
    > Selected chapters from the 1980 book "Owings! A Decade of Immortality" that provides HIS perspective on THE match
    > Articles about Dan Gable over the years from Sports Illustrated... and an article about the 1970 NCAA Gable/Owings bout

    Here's the link:

    As for the uniforms... this match shows the "changing of the guard" in terms of collegiate wrestling gear. Gable was wearing the uniform that had been worn for years by Eastern schools, and mandated by the NCAA in the mid 1960s when shirtless wrestling was outlawed: the three-piece uniform of trunks, tights and the sleeveless jersey that snapped together at the crotch (covered up by the trunks and tights). Owings was on the cutting-edge with his one-piece singlet, a new concept in collegiate matwear in 1970 but worn in international competition for about a decade. (Singlets were not legal for college competition in the mid 1960s, according to the rules I have.)

    And: Singlet or trunks-and-shirt... tights were required in 1970.

    Both Gable's and Owings' uniforms are on display at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum in Stillwater.

    OK, this concludes the GQ wrestling fashion segment. We return you to your regularly-scheduled programming. ;-)


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