Things are pretty quiet around here so I think I will start up some stuff.

Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking that Oliver won't necessarily coast to his second title this year? While his stats are obviously impressive this year, he hasn't necessarily been going up against high caliber guys or for that matter not a lot of guys who are highly ranked in this year's relatively weak 149 class. In my opinion, his ideal weight is at 141; put J.O. at the 149 class in recent past when it was a very strong weight class and he runs into big trouble on a regular basis. Love the guy's wrestling skills and I think he is the future for us in f.s. at 66kg but for some reason I'm not totally convinced by him at 149.

Looking at his side of the bracket, he makes the finals easily but I see real danger to him on the opposite side of the bracket in Vinson and Chamberlain, both seasoned guys who have beaten and/or hung with top-tier guys at 149 in the past.