I'll run the same contest I did for the B1G tournament. Please note, this is not to be confused with Whippetgrappler's annual pick'em contest. His contest is much better, but this is kind of fun too.

Here’s the game. Pick a team of 10 wrestlers, one for each weight class. You can only pick one #1 seeded wrestler. You can pick up to two #2 seeded wrestlers, but only if you did not pick a #1 seeded wrestler. Another way to look at is by picking a wrestler in 10 different rounds. Round #1 – you can pick any wrestler. Round #2 – you can pick any wrestler seeded #2 or lower. Round #3 – you can pick any wrestler seeded #3 or lower, etc. Unseeded wrestlers can be picked in any round. For example, here are my picks:

125 - Matt McDonough, Iowa (#3 Seed)
133 - Jon Morrison, Oklahoma State (#7 Seed)
141 - Nick Dardanes, Minnesota (#8 Seed)
149 - Jake Suehflohn, Nebraska (#9 Seed)
157 - James Green, Nebraska (#4 Seed)
165 - David Taylor, Penn State (#2 Seed)
174 - Logan Storely, Minnesota (#6 Seed)
184 - Ed Ruth, Penn State (#1 Seed)
197 - Taylor Meeks, Oregon State (#5 Seed)
285 - Jarod Trice, Central Michigan (#10 Seed)

You earn team points from each of your wrestler’s points earned in the tournament. The one with the most points wins. You can have the same picks as someone else. For tiebreaker, pick the winning team and margin of victory.

My tie-breaker = Penn State by 8 points

I’ll tally scores for everyone and put out daily updates on team standings.

Sorry, no prizes. This is for pride and bragging rights.

Post your team here.