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Thread: B1G brackets

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    From a PSU point of view:

    1. A Alton's draw has changed. First with Tessari no longer being in, he moves up to the #5 seed. Second, Ness drops from #2 to #3 seed. So, if A Alton had stayed at #6 with Ness now at #3, they would have met in quarters. Now they're in opposite halves of the draw.

    2. I would have liked to have seen at least one of DT, ER, QW get a pigtail. Alas, they all drew byes. No pigtail bonus points for them.

    3. I was told that it was rare to change seeds, but I see at least 2: 133: Dardanes switched with Quiroga; 149: Lopouchinski switched with Ness. There may have been others, I didn't look too closely.

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    Illinois site lists the following schedule:
    Sat 10am Session 1
    Sat 5pm Session 2
    Sun 11:30am Session 3
    Sun 1pm Start of Championship finals

    Does anyone know what rounds will be held in each session? I assume one champ bracket round per session, but what about consolation brackets?

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    Semi's are Saturday night, Sunday morning is all consolations and then the finals afterward.

    I think the first consolation round on Sunday is the consolation semi's (I guess this would be obvious if they wrestle through the semi's on Saturday).
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    The Big Ten Network starts coverage at 11:30 pacific standard time on Sunday, FYI.

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    Default Re: B1G brackets

    That works for me since I won't have acces to the Big 10 network until that time haha
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    Graff beats Dardanes 7-6.

    It's great to have this available online, but the announcers should buff up on wrestling beforehand. One guy was calling riding time "holding time", and then he was calling wrestlers "players" forever. Annoying.

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    Ramos beats Quiroga 8-5, all four top seeds advance.

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    Sueflohn beats Alton 9-6. Alton flat on his stomach for the last 60 seconds, not a surprise.

    Ness with a pin.

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