For the past year, Jay Borschel has had to stay patient. His transfer back to his home state from Virginia Tech put him on the sidelines for another season, but now he is back on the mat for real and ready to compete at 174 pounds for the Hawkeyes. He talks about this past year and what it feels like to be a Hawkeye.

Jay Borschel looks to compete for the spot at 174 pounds.
Q: Was it hard to be patient? How did you come to grips with it? How long did it take you to accept it, sitting out?

BORSCHEL: I don't know. I didn't really get down on it too much. Just put it in the back of my mind, because there's nothing you can do about it. You can't really worry about it.

Q: For a year now when your name's mentioned along with the others, it's always the "Virginia Tech guys." Is it nice that now it's maybe retired?

BORSCHEL: I don't know, we're not from Virginia Tech, we're in Iowa. I understand but?

Q: Likewise, when you're on the mat you can control your destiny. When things are in the hands of the lawyers, courts, and other people, how do you reconcile that?

BORSCHEL: You just got to. Maybe it motivates you a little bit. Like I said earlier, put it in the back of your mind, you can't worry about it. I can't go and tell them; change your minds.

Q: You're what, 174?


Q: And you're wrestling off or are you not wrestling off this weekend?

BORSCHEL: We're not wrestling off this weekend.

Q: Are you going over to Iowa State?

BORSCHEL: No, we're going to have an exhibition match, but it's not a wrestle-off.

Q: Jay, can you talk about the sense of pride you're going to have the first time you step on the mat to wrestle for the Iowa Hawkeyes?

BORSCHEL: I just want to get going, get out on the mat. Just take care of business, get on a roll like I have in the past.