2. New, tougher criteria standards. To reach the bronze standard, which is the level at which wrestlers become eligible for at-large selection, wrestlers must now meet or exceed TWO of the following criteria:
  • Top 33 RPI (Rating Percentage Index) Note: To be considered for RPI ranking, a wrestler must have a minimum of 17 Division I matches at a given weight class.
  • Top 33 coaches ranking (2/22/12 measure)
  • .700 winning percentage against all competition
  • One win against a wrestler receiving automatic qualification via an earned position
  • Qualifying event placement one below automatic qualification

Previously, wrestlers had to meet only of the above criteria to be eligible for at-large selection.

Does anyone know exactly how the 17 match criteria is determined? I understand it as you have to wrestle 17 matches against 17 D1 guys and not any other division. The thing I don't understand is if wrestling against a D1 kid that is unattached counts towards the match total or not. Can anyone elaborate on this at all?