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Thread: National Duals Finals Brackets

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1stplace View Post
    Match thoughts:
    125- Exactly what I expected
    133- Ramos is taking it to a different level
    141- Ballweg looked freaking terrible. Losing to Dardanes is far from the end of the world because he is a tough dude but that was just pathetic.
    149- When I think life can't get any worse I think about this weight and it does
    157- Typical DSJ
    165- Not sure if this was a decent win or a bad performance by Moore. Yohn has not been looking good
    174- Storley is just better than Mike right now.
    184- GG likes to get to the legs and lay on the ground, while he patiently waits for his opponent to step over for 2. At the same time Lofthouse has looked pretty bad against anyone with a pulse. Who the hell knows
    197- Schiller is just better
    285- Nelson is just better but he needs to be hit for stalling on top. He gets 4 minutes of riding time every match and never turns anyone.

    Nice win for Minny but damn did some of Iowa's guys look bad.
    Nelson must have heard you before he wrestled Z!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    J Rob had the boys ready, certainly home field advantage didn't hurt.

    Other than Yohn, Yates, I don't really see a disappointing match all weekend.

    Cue the "but Penn State" talk. Sorry, not this time.
    You won't hear it from me! Nice tourney! You deserve the championship!

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