A snippet from a quote by J Robinson from gophersports.com.

This is why the Gophers go out there and perform during this event:

On exposure of NWCA All-Star Classic:

?I think it?s a great way to kick off the season. It gives the guys something to look forward to. It?s always good when you have something to train for. The guys that are going have had a little different training regiment than the others. Marty (Morgan) has been running them through some special practices. It helps with their focus and helps the younger guys, being able to see the older guys going to the All-Star Classic, knowing someday down the road they want to be going to the classic themselves. There?s a lot of positives that come out of it other than showing up and wrestling.?

Now that is the right attitude to have...everything he does is about promoting the sport, motivating his roster and improving recruiting...you don't think Marty Morgan has a pencil and paper by his side at all times?