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    Isn't there a new head of the international federation? I thought there was a major change-over in the leadership. Brands said the same thing about the international federation. If what the Canadian's women's coach reported is current information it would be a shame if the attitude of a few caused wrestling to no longer be an olympic sport. But I was led to hope that there was a significant change at the top.

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    This is current information. There is indeed a new FILA head that seems to be somewhat more competent, but according to coach V a lot of old attitudes remain entrenched.

    More responses and information on this thread. Coach V elaborates on his statement and discusses what is being done to re-instate wrestlng, as well as some of the potentially hopeful signs. I'm not going to keep copying and pasting threads but I strongly recommend talking a look. I think you need to sign on as a member on the forum but it is well worth it. There is also a lot of good information about international tournaments on the message board for those interested.
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