I'll probably jinx Gadsen with this thread but that's not the object. Kyven has been quietly having a great year for the Clones. He is currently 17-2 with losses coming to Wilps (4-3) and Meeks (8-6). He has notable wins against Atwood (7-2), Borlie (9-6), Gonzalez (9-5), Micah Burak (3-1SV), Meredith (9-1) and Rosholt (3-1). He's basically in his freshman season after suffering a season ending shoulder injury in his first match last year. The two early losses to Wilps and Meeks were close and I think he has learned from them. He's strong and very quick. He can get you with his catlike slide by or his power double. He's also no stranger to back points. I think Kyven can beat anyone in the weightclass. That's not to say he'd be the favorite against all but he has the ability to beat anyone. I think he makes a run in the tournament and makes the semi's if not the finals. The kid is going through alot personally right now too and I think he uses it as motivation for his training.