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Thread: 2005 OK State Season Captured in New Book

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    Good review. Yeah, the book about the Iowa Hawkeyes "season" had some flaws too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    This was a fairly good book, as far as wrestling books go. But, if there was ever a book sorely in need of an editor, it's this one. Rosholt is described as taciturn three or four times in the book. Maybe that's the perfect description for him, but a few other adjectives may have helped the reader learn a little more about the taciturn one.

    The author also had a bad habit of not naming the wrestler who opposed the OSU wrestler. It was annoying as hell to read "Friskhorn lost in the semi-finals to a more experienced wrestler, 4-3." Or something like that. Would it have been that difficult to just identify the other dude? This happens throughout the book.

    Finally, there were quite a few instances where you'd read something like "Smith, who only lost one match in international competition" on page 56, and then read the exact same phrase on page 58. Annoying as hell.

    Having said all of that, if you want to read about college wrestling, you're kind of stuck with what it out there. There are a few interesting behind the scenes vignettes, and the undefeated OSU team is certainly an interesting topic for a book.
    Pretty solid take, and I do agree, things got a little repetitive at times. I liked it, but I still think Zavoral's book about the 97 Hawks was better.
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    Comparisons between Parrish's "Cowboy Up" and Zavoral's "Season on the Mat" are inevitable. I'm working on "Cowboy" right now... and want to reread "Season." It's been nearly a decade...

    A couple days ago I interviewed Parrish about his book for an upcoming article for Rev, and, interestingly, he was NOT aware of Zavoral's book until his project was well underway.


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