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Thread: Seeding in the Big 10 at 133 and 174

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    Tom, I think it is hard to say 100% when a guy doesn't wrestle if he is ducking or actually injured/sick. Like I stated earlier I don't think Streebler was ducking Ramos but it makes a person think since the dual was in Carver. The issue we have is we ALL know this type of crap happens every year throughout the country. I agree that for conference if 2 guys are unbeaten the #1 seed goes to who has competed the most.

    Look at BJ Futrell and the 141 at Big 10 this year. By all accounts BJ isn't coming back probably before the Big 10's so does he get seeded 1? Does he deserve the 2? The 3? We don't know but I think Dardanes and Ballweg deserve a better seed since they actually competed in conference duals. We all know that at 141 seeding could be more important for the team race than say 133 this year. 133 has 2 clear cut guys in the Big where as 141 has multiple guys that could potential win it. Ballweg, Dardanes, Futrell are in my opinon fighting for the #2 seed. The #2 seed in this weight sure beats the #4 seed for team reasons. As it stands currently I think Ballweg deserves the #2 and Dardanes the #3.

    Long story short our sport needs to put emphasis on wrestling every dual if possible. I was at Carver when Streebler didn't wrestle and it was deflating as a fan that we didn't get to see #1 vs #2. I was told by several fans in attendance the ONLY reason they came to this dual was to see that match. Maybe these people are fringe fans and won't attend wrestling anymore because of this. It happens all over the country and they need to try and stop it if possible. Again for the record I am using Streebler as an example and don't think he was ducking Ramos.

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    Good points, Chop. I'm wondering if there have been other huge match-ups that didn't occur in the B1G in the past 2 years where there wasn't a clear case of injury (like Stieber)? There may have been some, but I can't think of any. But across the nation I gather it happens not infrequently and I agree that it's not good for wrestling. Just not sure if it's an issue in B1G duals, as there is a lot of intense rivalry for winning the big duals in the B1G.

    BTW--Ill coach Perry was reported by the PSU announcer prior to the ILL dual that Futrell is out for the season. Haven't heard anything since then. If Futrell doesn't wrestle any B1G duals but comes out for the B1G championships, then I think he should be seeded 3rd. His previous record is not as clearcut as Stieber's IMO, and Stieber will have wrestled in a number of B1G duals.

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    Well BJ was interviewed during the tOSU match and he stated he wants to be back by Big 10's if possible. He has a knee problem and it sounded like he is going to follow Dr orders whatever they are. It doesn't sound good but I wouldn't count him out yet for the Big 10's. He stated he can and is doing things to keep in shape that are harder than wrestling so when he comes back he will be in shape according to BJ. This is why emphasis needs to be put on head to head matchups in Big 10's because I don't think BJ deserves a higher seed than either Ballweg or Dardanes. I think DSJ was like the 4 seed last year because he didn't compete much during the conference season which was correct in my opinion.

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    I hope you're right about Futrell. He's a SR and so this is his last crack at it and I hope for his sake that he can make it back. At 141 it could be a big factor whether you're #1 or #2. At 133 I don't think it makes a lot of difference as I don't see Stieber or Ramos having any trouble with anyone else. I know that Graff beat Ramos 2 years ago at the B1G's but don't see that happening anymore.

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    Schlatter ducking Howe was my biggest disappointment. Of course J said that he was dinged up and no reason not to believe him. Nor any coach who says his guy is sick/injured. Buit I've never seen a coach say he's sitting his guy for seeding although Smith may have a hard time keeping a straight face. Telford was also sick when he ducked McClure. Camden Eppert is 5-2 although both McDonough and Delgado decided not to face him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jammen View Post
    CD and Oliver both did last year. Isn't past accomplishments the entire basis for arguing that Stieber should be seeded #1. Surely it isn't his 3-0 B1G record.
    He's the returning Big 10 and National Champ. He's undefeated. He's the 1 seed.

    Comparing that to Ness(who lost THIS year) is just laughable.
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    Va, I think all we are saying is a case can and should be made for Ramos or others in similar situations to get the #1 seed. You know as well as I that ducking happens in our sport and the way to deal with it is put importance on the Conference dual season. I understand that 133 is unique this year in that 2 guys have really seperated from the pack in the Big.

    Can you tell me how Futrell gets seeded if he makes it back for Big 10's? Does he get seeded ahead of Ballweg and Dardanes?

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